Empower your marketing with AI.

We put the power of artificial intelligence in the hands of marketers to deliver meaningful experiences to customers.

Machine Learning to go.

Take advantage of automation, churn prediction, customer segmentation, incentives & product recommendations, and more.


Got your own UI?

Accelerate your business with AI by connecting your apps to our services.

By analyzing your data we train a Binary Classification machine learning model via Logistic Regression, tailored for your business, capable of predicting when your customers are likely to churn.


Clustering and the RFM model (Recency, Frequency, & Monetary) are basically the industry standards when it comes to segmenting your customers using machine learning. For that reason they're our go-to.


Manage available incentives in our simple interface and we will intelligently assign them to your customers based on their purchase history and behaviour.


Automatically trigger intelligent, personalized emails to your customers. Send them incentives picked just for them, or links to the products we know they love.


Give your customers intelligent, personalized product recommendations just for them, and a 'frequently bought with' section on your website for each product (via collaborative filtering), or whatever else you can dream up.